Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Since companies operate complex business and IT environments, they face a broad range of risks that could be in the form of system vulnerabilities, business partnerships, cyber crimes and disgruntled employees.  All companies are challenged with where to focus the resources.  Cyber Protection Services can be your security partner, helping you identify, assess, manage and monitor your various risks.  We want to be your long-term security partner.  Let us help manage your risks, so you can focus your resources on managing business opportunities.

We can help you implement a risk management framework that ensures your strategic reporting and compliance objectives are defined and met.

Cyber Protection Services’ team of security and GRC professionals understand the business and technical needs for effective risk management and have a long history of building programs for organizations of all types and sizes within a wide range of industries. We can help you move from fragmented, compartmentalized risk management solutions to solutions that are strategic in overall scope. With effective, proven solutions in place, you can view controls and risk initiatives in a coherent framework that enhances decision-making and analysis to support growth and high performance.

Our Comprehensive Governance, Risk and Compliance Offering Includes:

  1. 1Business Partner Security Assessments

  2. 2Security Program Review, Gap Analysis and Strategic Planning

  3. 3Vulnerability and Threat Management Planning

  4. 4Risk Assessments

  5. 5Security Policy Review, Gap Analysis and development


Cyber Protection Services wants to be your GRC partner. 

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