Why do I need to be Payment Card Industry Compliant (PCI)?

If you are a merchant of any size, you are mandated to be PCI compliant.  the size of your business will determine the specific compliance requirements that must be met. Note that enforcement of merchant compliance is managed by the individual payment brands and not by the Council – the same is true for non-compliance penalties.

Why Choose Cyber Protection Services?

  1. We’ve been there.  Our security consultants have not only conducted PCI gap analysis, but have also been on the receiving end of PCI audits. 

  2. We want to be your partner - We will treat your company like family.  Our goal is to create a partnership with you, ensuring you are compliant now and in the future.

  3. We will mentor and provide leadership - We want to educate and inform you.  This ensures your current PCI mitigations and future business decisions puts your company in the best position to maintain compliance and minimize risk to card holder information.

Our Approach to PCI Gap Analysis

  1. 1.Scoping - identity all systems and physical locations in PCI scope, including 3rd Party Service Providers.

  2. 2.Evaluate Existing Security Controls– assess all areas in scope for PCI-DSS to determine compliance status.  Test for the follow: 

    1. Determine if required controls are in place 

    2. Determine if required controls are documented

    3. Determine if required controls are monitored

    4. Enumerate all gaps (areas of non-compliance)

    5. Recommend remediation activities 

    6. Prioritize remediation activities 

  3. 3.Reporting –create a PCI-DSS Gap Analysis Report that recommends actionable remediation activities and prioritized steps to achieve compliance. 

  4. 4.Partnership - create a strong partnership with you to help you manage risks and compliance for years to come.

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